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Locker Rental

Locker Rental


Lockers provide a safe place to store personal items throughout the day, where students can stop periodically to swap textbooks and grab their lunch. This added convenience also helps students work on their time management between classes, an important life skill to master. This product is only available for students of grades 4-10.

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Far from simply being ‘nice-to-have’, school lockers offer more to students than simply serving as a secure place to keep their things over the course of the school day. Renting a locker will teach the student the responsibility of looking after their own possessions and respecting not only their own belongings, but also those of their peers.

• There are limited numbers so rental will be on first come - first serve basis.
• The key must be returned to the administration by June 9, 2022.
• The administration reserves the right to remove the use of the lockers and confiscate its key from the student.
• If the status of the locker upon inspection in June is not satisfactory, a fine will be incurred pending damage.
• Replacements for lost keys will be at a charge of 25 Dhs.

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Grade(s) 4 - 10